Day 17/365: The Billiard King of the 70’s


January 17, 2011 (Monday)
EOM Clubhouse

“My game isn’t a carnival. I am simple and consistent – but dangerous.” – Amang Parica

During my childhood, I am always curious how to play this game and amazed by those fancy styles in hitting those balls. The truth is, I was not allowed by my parents to hang out in billiard places for they said it’s gambling and a waste of time. And they said that, most of the fanatics there were either out of school youth and unemployed.

Believe it or not, it was only during my college days that I had a chance to try and hold a billiard stick? Anyway, I was able to hit the ball right but took me a while to learn how to slide the stick right and control those push (no pun intended!)

So thanks to Mr. Amang Parica! why him? He is a billiard icon of the Philippines and considered as the Billiard King of the 70’s. I first heard of “Amang” in my early years and his fashion sense is kinda hip so here’s a copycat pose for this photography project.

Day 17/365

Brief Story About Amang:

In the 1950s, a seven year old Manila boy started playing billiards even though the cue sticks were taller than him and he was no taller than the billiards tables itself. But these did not stop this boy who was born Jose Parica in 1949 from playing the game that early in his life.

Parica became a legend in the in the 60s in the 70s as he probably had won all there was to win in terms of Philippine pool tournaments. But he or any Filipino pool player were still unknown outside of their island country.

In the United States, he is acknowledged as the Filipino who started the infamous “Filipino Invasion” of the game in that region. He first competed there in 1978. By the 1980s, he became known as “the King”, “the Legend” or the “Giant Killer”. But in the Philippines he will forever be known simply as “Amang” (a Tagalog term of endearment for an elder male).

In the 1980s, he was soon joined in the American circuit by other world-class and younger Filipino players and thus the “Filipino Invasion” was in full swing.

“Amang” is now over 60 years old but is still very much active in international competitions and is still adding to the many titles he has won in five decades of playing billiards. Parica has won about a 100 tournaments in the U.S.A., 13 in Japan and three in the Philippines.

Jose “Amang” Parica was inducted to the One Pocket Hall of Fame in Indiana. Parica lead the stellar class of 2010 inductees, which include the late Rudolf “Fats” Wanderone and Glenn “Piggy Banks” Rogers. Today, the game’s enthusiasts, still regard Parica as one of the most devastating offensive weapons in billiards. He became World Player of the Year in 1997 and was the first player to shoot a perfect game of 1,000 points, no misses and no scratches. He managed to this under in a World Record in 9-Ball race-to-11 format.

Disclaimer: This is a 365 Photography Self Portrait Project and the character is being portrayed with no malicious intent but rather to give honor on their achievements as a known personality and sports legend. The concept is original and not specifically describing the person himself.

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  1. About Jose Amang Parica added info

    He won the biggest and largest tournament ever over arch rival efren “bata” reyes in finals with a score of 9-3 the World Pro Japan with 900 players.

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks for the added info Sir!

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