Day 1/365: Another New Year Without You

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DAY 1/365
January 1, 2011
Elysium Gardens
Quezon City, Philippines

Another new year without you
Another January 1 to remember your birthday too
It’s a day I truly missed celebrating without your kare-kare
Your pancit malabon, special pork BBQ, fried rice, and leche flan.

In my dreams you recently visited me,
Caught by surprise, I hug you tight and jump like a little child
It was nice to see you again, even in my dreams,
I was able to feel your still there for me

Today is your birthday too, and I remember all the gifts that made you smile
A wireless phone for your long hours of chicka with Tita’s
A nice set of jewelry, slippers, and clothes
Your favorite Ube Cakes and our family bonding moments
Thank you for all the good memories
Thank you so much for the Love.

Happy Birthday to you!
We love you so much Nay!

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