Celebrate Life the Simplest in Christmas Day!

December 25, 2010
Sta Catalina, San Ildefonso
Bulacan, Philippines

It’s Christmas Day! A time to celebrate life! be thankful for everything and be at peace to every mankind.

Where am I today? here in the Farm 🙂 seeing the simplest life without the electronics chaos and tweets. It’s a day of appreciation and feel the real peace and be thankful for Life always brings the Best for us. Celebrate Life the Simplest! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Portraits Overview

The rice field mean abundance! be thankful for the gift of grains that feeds millions of people.

Maxi, the Aspen Dog (Local Philippine Street Dog) – truly a man’s bestfriend! he guards the farm, walk with us like a tour guide, and keep us safe.

The Chili’s – we dont have wild berries and cherries in the Philippines, hope this will make our life hot hot hot 🙂 with overflowing blessings. It’s not fun to have a “cold” Christmas. Do you agree?

The Tomatoes – its green, young still. It turns red when it blooms. Just like Life 🙂 we should all bloom for goodness, the redness same as the Chinese festive color means bounty and love

The Different Grasses – we often see this type of wild grass, everywhere. but we don’t appreciate them much until someone capture them and focus on their beauty. They also have the details of life. Look around, the grasses could be someone, something. It’s just a symbol.

The Carabao Cart – the hardworker. It’s innate to everyone to accomplish better things in life.

The Farm Chicken – now they called it Free Range Chicken. they multiply fast, they provide eggs too! They were very harmless animal and kids love ’em so much. The most common advertise from Andoks, Mang Inasal, Jollibee, McDonald, and yeah KFC! 🙂 The world of chicken, the most served food in Christmas Day.

The Soil – our foundation, the complete cycle of life.

San Ildefonso

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