Kassie Lopez 1st Birthday Party @ Shakeys


September 19, 2010
Shakeys Pizza
Quezon Ave, Quezon City

Kassie celebrates her 1st Birthday Party in the largest Shakeys Pizza branch in the Philippines! that’s in Quezon Ave. Quezon City. The party was well attended by family and friends which for sure were filled up by Shakey’s bunch of lunch, overflowing chocolate fondue, and Shakeys Giant Pizza!

Party games was fun too! Thanks to the coolest mom who participated with their smart kids who move their hips and sway with Captain Shakey and Ms Spaghetti mascots.

Kassie is the youngest daughter of Chok and Pepel Lopez from Malabon City.

Kassies 1st Birthday

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4 thoughts on “Kassie Lopez 1st Birthday Party @ Shakeys”

  1. Gerlie says:

    Hi, i chose Shakey’s Pizza as venue for my son 1st birthday. What are the inclusions in the birthday package of Shakey’s? How much did you spend for how may # of guest? What was the meal for adults and kids? Hope to hear from you!

    1. Rman says:

      Hi Gerlie, I just got this information from my friend (mom of Kassie)

      The Birthday Package is good for 100pax. They choose the menu with chocolate fountain, huge pizza, It’s a combination of Spaghetti, mojos and 2 Chicken, and she added additional order of Chicken per table. Cakes is included and she paid P30,000++. That is inclusive of the place.

      Information on Shakey’s Birthday Party in the Philippines as of October 2011:

      Available Party Themes at Shakey’s:

      Justice League
      Barney and friends
      (will ask and confirm other themes)
      Party Fee: Php 4, 080

      Party fee inclusions:

      30 sets of Amenities: Invitation Cards,
      30 Giveaways
      30 Balloons
      30 Party Hats
      Birthday Greeter
      Game Prizes
      Party Hosting
      Gift for the Celebrator (Depending on the promo or store availability)
      Optional: Mascot Appearance of Captain Shakey’s with an additional fee of Php850

      Cake: optional, they will allow you to bring your own cake

      Shakey’s Party Food Package: There are four food package to choose but they choose package C (bunch of lunch) that cost Php160/head.

      You may want to get in touch with your choice Shakeys outlet to check on what is the available package on that area. It may vary based on the size of the number of guest and capacity of the store.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Jojo says:

    how much po nagastos nyo? at ilang pax?

    1. Rman says:

      Hi, I was just a guest then but what i know they spent almost 40k for everything for 200 guests.

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