Coron Palawan Travel Adventure Day 3 & 4

April 12/13, 2010
Coron, Palawan

The Coron Adventure Itinerary:

April 12, 2010: Our destinations- Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados, Banul Beach and Twin Lakes.

7am: Kayangan Lake is totally the best lake i visited so far. From the mountain top, you can see the famous “coron shot” of the twin islands with the blue water with rows of bancas in the shore and there’s also a cave with beautiful yellow stones formation just at your back. I am totally proud being in this place and I do admire the indigenous people of Tagbanua for preserving the beauty of this islands. Their message to the tourist visitors: “Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but Time, Keep nothing but Memories.


Swimming in the lake, you can feel being one with nature, the fresh water, the clearest lake I’ve ever seen here in the Philippines, and most of all, no commercial establishments around 🙂 just the sound of nature, the cheerful tourists saying wows and omg!…and yes I’m still in the Philippines.

10am: From Kayangan, we sailed to Twin Lakes and we have witnessed the scenic island formations and the black stone curved by nature which is amazingly beautiful. And when we reached the Twin Lakes, I was mesmerized on this wonderful natures beauty! This is Pilipinas! and I should showcase it to the world! The water mixes from salt to fresh and it looks like an oil/water mix up but its not, and there is a short passage to swim from the sea salt water to the fresh water and you will be welcome by a school of fish…really a wonderful experience!

coron palawan 2

[img src=]3430CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]850CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]980CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]670CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]770CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]650CORON PALAWAN
Kayangan Lake
[img src=]630CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]510CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]430CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]390CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]550CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]430CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]510CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]420CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]440CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]380CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]330CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]320CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]260CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]350CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]480CORON PALAWAN
Banul Beach
[img src=]270CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]330CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]270CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]290CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]300CORON PALAWAN
Lambingan Bridge
[img src=]280CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]290CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]340CORON PALAWAN
[img src=]340CORON PALAWAN

12:30pm: We sailed to Banul Beach for our lunch, and yes it was included in our package. What’s for lunch? we had a grilled fresh squids and fish sinigang, crabs and lato, and fresh mangoes for dessert. Yum yum!
At first, I thought the island was just an ordinary beach shore, until I walked around and see the amazing black rock formations and cliffs. You can spend all day in the white sands shaded by the black rock formations with Kalachuchi trees in between. Truly I am one with nature 🙂

2:30pm: Off to Siete Pecados, a known snorkeling area in the Island of Coron. But since I had so much of swimming and snorkeling on Day 2, I just went down for 15 minutes and noticed this tiny soft gels spread out all over the water. I thought it was just a water bubbles, until I focus and realize its moving like a jelly fish, and i start itching! I went up immediately and ask our boatman what are those tiny floating things and yes, it’s a jelly fish! I never went back in the water since I bet I swallowed some of them already when I am swimming and opening my mouth to breath! Maybe this area requires the tourists to wear a dive suit for skin protection. Next time I will wear one.

330pm: Back to Coron Town. They offered another island but I believe I had enough and got scared of the tiny jelly fish so in my mind I wanted to take a bath and get rid of the itch bites in my body. It was almost a 45 min boat sail until we reached our hotel.

5pm – Lambingan Bridge. I think this is the main loading and unloading port area for tourist and passengers. Nothing fancy to checkout, but just in time for the sunset 🙂 and had my tripod for the long exposure silky water shot.

630pm – back to Michaelangelo’s hotel, on our way I bought some pork barbecues and had some cold beers while watching the sunset colors from the hotel.

730pm- we had our dinner in Mila Gamboa’s office. She cooked for us – lobster and grilled fish plus lato. Yummy!

Day 4: Shop around Corod Town for dried fish and Kasuy nuts, prepared our things and drive to Busuanga Airport. Say goodbye to my new travel buddies in the airport and fly back to Manila. This time Cebu Pacific is on time. Very Good! And btw, I hope that the airport authorities will soon have their luggage scanners soon! I pity the security guards opening and checking all the luggages piece by piece.

Until next from my life best shots,


For your Coron Palawan Travel needs, you may get in touch with;

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Coron, PalawanCoron, Palawan

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  1. thanks for sharing the photos. we’ll be going to coron before summer.
    where is a good place to kayak?
    do i have to load the kayak on a boat in order to get closer to the lagoons in coron?
    what boat rental can I use and how much do they usually cost?

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for viewing the pics. There are some resorts who got their own kayak for rent. And there are lagoons that requires a fee before you can enter and you need to climb a hill or swim under to get through. I highly advised to contact instead a travel and tour office to arrange everything for you for a hassle free summer adventure. It is inclusive of foods, resort fees, boats, tour guide, and accommodation. I find it less expensive and you can even maximize your time than of arranging it by yourself.

      You may contact:

      Coron Travels and Tours
      Mila Gamboa
      0063 (0)921 672 1865
      0063 (0)917 858 1799

      Have a safe trip soon!


  2. Thanks for the Palawan travel tips and photos. Your website is very informative. It is not comprehensive but it is a very good start, something I have personally thought of doing yet have not found time to do so! Keep it up!

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