The 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2010


Update: March 15, 2010


Score 93.9 : UK  (Jubilee Fireworks) Grand Champion

About Jubilee Fireworks:

Established in 1987, Jubilee have been illuminating the night sky for over two decades, spreading magic across several continents at festivals, private and corporate events, major national events and competitions.

Their displays are not just fireworks shows. They are artistic performances – highly praised for their creativity, ingenuity, and sheer beauty. No matter how large or small the event, their attention to detail and unmatched design skills will ensure that  the display has that extra dimension and performance quality that has characterised their team as the UK’s premier fireworks company.

Other Awards:

World Fireworks Championships Blackpool, UK  : 1st Prize – 2007

British Fireworks Championships : ‘Champion of Champions’ Event 1st Prize – 2006

British Fireworks Championships : 1st Prize – 2003, 2nd – 2001, 3rd – 2004

British Musical Fireworks Championships : 1st Prize – 1999  2nd Prize – 2000

Total ‘European Champion of Champions’ : 1st Prize – 2007

13th International Display Contest (Macau) Bronze Medal – 2001


Score 93.6 : Australia (Howard & Sons) Silver/Second Place

Score  93.2 : Japan (Tamaya Kitahara) Bronze/Third Place

Congratulations to the Winners! Applause Applause for the very festive and impressive magical production!

Below is the Philippines Platinum Fireworks Exhibition Display


Till next @ My Life Best Shots,



February 21, 2010
GSIS Compound, Macapagal Ave. City of Manila

This is my first time to shoot pyro away from the Mall of Asia (MOA) area, reason behind was- we are trapped by the traffic approaching the Esplanade and instead went in the rows of seafood restaurant in Macapagal Avenue and end up in the GSIS compound. It was a great found tho – No traffic, no hassle to place your tripod, no parking fee, and I was able to capture the show without any trees, post, and buildings- so its a less cropping work for me.

We came in late for the UK show, and just arrived right for the China at 8pm. Also, pardon me for the different settings and aperture recipes I did to capture the shots, I use Manual and play around with my Shutter Speed and Aperture and forgot to adjust my ISO (darn). Anyway, for the China display output, I only made a few minor adjustments in lightroom for cropping the subject, lessen the exposure by 30%, adjust clarity by 30% and balance the sharpness. I did some lens twist tricks to a few shots and result to an abstract lights (nice though and very unique). You can notice the post lamps in most of the shots to check if there’s a camera shake. I think I found a good ground for my tripod 🙂

You may be wondering what’s the different of Philippine International Pyro-musical event with World Pyro Olympics. I actually heard of this MOA event over the radio 4 days ago and checked the internet for the schedule. Most search results will list you the 2009 The Fort World Pyro which was cancelled and reading some blogs, they said it was due to The Fort ground stability and it need some soil or ground treatment which may take years. I wonder if those platform in the bay area are being treated as well(?) they are actually floating even! I also asked a friend of mine who lives in the Fort area about the cancellation and she said that the their condo guard informed them that it’s due to area security. Anyway, it’s probably nice to see great light shows with tall buildings at the Fort, but whatever or whoever the events jinx then we have now the MOA events anyway 🙂 So the difference is, this event is not a La Mancha production who’s hosting the World Pyro Olympics for the past years but a Platinum Fireworks Production with coordination of various sponsors like Close Up and SM Properties.

Schedule of Events:

February 14 – USA (7pm)
February 21 – UK, Jubilee Fireworks (7pm) China, Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks (8pm)
February 28 – France, Brezac Artifices (7pm) Japan, Tamaya Kitahara (8pm)
March 7 – Singapore, Redhub Entertainment (7pm) Malaysia, Pyro-Splendour Services (8pm)
Marh 14 – Australia, Howards and Sons (7pm) Philippines, Platinum Fireworks (8pm)

Ticket Price: P100 (General Admission) P150 (Silver) P300 (Gold) P500 (VIP) P1500 (VIP with Dinner)


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10 thoughts on “The 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2010”

  1. o0jopak0o says:

    its the first? but there are fireworks competition before this one.

    1. Rman says:

      Hi, You’re probably referring to a different production La Mancha and this is a “Pyromusical” and the previous Fireworks Competition was only Fireworks Display. Thanks for viewing 🙂

  2. may says:

    yeah! im betting on japan too, my friends also. too bad, they didn’t get it… maybe due to different moods of the judges.. hahah!

    1. Rman says:

      Hi May, I would assume they don’t like the timeliness of Japan 🙂 and still prefers big explosions at the end, which Japan also did but not as huge as UK and AU, however their effort on the synchronization and timeliness seems not to be a huge point for the judges.

  3. Jude says:

    Nice shots! It’s sad that Japan didn’t won the gold. I was rooting for them from the start. XD

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks Jude for the comment. Yes, Japan is my bet too 🙂

  4. robby says:

    i love it…..
    i hope you have a video of this event too…

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks Robby, will check if i can do some video this Sunday.


  5. Tracy says:

    LOVE IT!!!! your shots rock!!

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks Tracy! your blog is really cool too..keep it up! 🙂

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