We remember, Nanay.

Today, I remember the moments we all shared together.
Our laughters and celebrations every year end.
Our excitement to greet you Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

Today, I will surely miss your pancit and kare-kare.
Your unforgettable sweet smile, saying Thank You for every birthday celebrations we have.
Your usual rice cooking before the 12 midnight strikes.
The blowing of the candles and our midnight hugging.
Nay, I never thought it will be too hard to celebrate Christmas and New Year without you.
I terribly missed the days, our holiday preparations and our family gathering with you.

But I know you don’t want to see us all sad, and incomplete.
We will continue to celebrate your birthdays and New Years to come.
We will hold on tight to each others, us siblings.
We will always remember.
Happy Birthday Nay.
We love you…..

We Remember

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