Sy-Nalus Nuptials

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May Jesseth Sy and Alexis Nalus
January 7, 2010
Sacred Heart Parish, Cebu City
Abaca Boutique Hotel, Mactan Island

I’m the claimed official photographer of their pre-nup and the unofficial “sniper” photographer on their wedding. Together with a shooting buddy- Mr Kaloi Yap, we travel to Cebu to witness their ceremony vows. The church was so beautiful, their windows and lightings were all superb for available lights. The flowers in the isles were really adorable and blends well in their colour-motiff and the reception area – Abaca, perfect!

This is my first wedding I attended in Cebu City, and the chorale who sang at their wedding was really awesome! I thought its just a CD being played, and was surprised to see them marching out after the ceremony…like oh no its live!….Bravo!

I cant do much of the shots during the wedding since the altar boy was very strict and always looking at me, and yes I have to be at the front too since I was assigned to do the First Reading…yeah multi tasking! I think i’m a lost kuya of the bride knowing she got 3 other sisters and no brother on the house! so there 🙂 I’m the declared kuya for a while.

So since there was a Mr Official Photographer to take care of them, I just focus on the guest and do portrait shots which was really fun, it was’nt just a typical hey there guys “smile” look at me! but do your pose, express your eyes, hold it, hold it…click! And presto! it seems the family and guests were all enjoying being captured on our cameras. And I think they have to! they were all dressed up and look equally gorgeous like the bride.

So there you go..enjoy viewing the bride and the groom…and their family and friends 🙂

Till next at my life best shots,


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