Romancing the 50’s


Romancing the 50’s
January 31, 2010
Model/MUA/Stylist: Jaqi Fragatta Simeon
Christian Meonada and Marjoree Cabral
Creative Director: Rman Nepomuceno Lorenzo

Location Shoot:
El Hogar Filipino, This beautiful beaux-arts building, designed by architect Irrureta Goyena and set by the Pasig River on Muelle dela Industria in Binondo, was built as a wedding gift for the union of a Zobel daughter and a Peruvian count back in 1914. It housed the offices of the lending company El Hogar Filipino (hence its name) and the original headquarters of Ayala Life Insurance Company. After World War II, the building found itself in the hands of the Fernandez clan who still run the building till this day.

Why Romancing the 50’s? This is the post war era, after the Japanese-American War in the late 1940’s. An era of overwhelming emotions brought by the war depression. This is the same era when Ramon Magsaysay reunited the Filipino people as a new independent nation. And same era when my grand parents started their courtships and romancing. My lola and lolo’s story about the Americans and the Japanese people and how they survive the war and fought for their love.

My Lolo Abel, a good cook and a “cuchero” (Kalesa Driver) fancy his charm of courting my Lola Naty with daily flowers and Origami creations. He said, he always waits for my Lola Naty to ride his Kalesa every morning. My Lola Naty, a fine lady from Malabon and a beauty contest winner of Miss Malabon Charity who came from a very strict family need to skip her car ride just to see my Lolo Abel. Their romance started in 1940’s when there’s so much fears and chaos due to war. Their bondage as a Nepomuceno happens at late 40’s and the 50’s brought new romance with their children’s and their interesting stories too. My mother born in the late 40’s tells interesting stories about her crushes in her early teenage life during the 1950’s and so as my aunties and uncles sweet fairy tale like romance during these era. I would say my photo project creativity can start with these era having seen the photos of my uncles and aunties on their formal wear and their fancy smiles. And reading the Philippines history during the 1950’s is truly inspiring and I’m hoping to get more information for my readers and visitors to continue a series of Romancing the 50’s.

The late 50’s also made a history in Broadway for the West Side Story, the phenomenal songs like Maria, One Hand One Heart and Somewhere which unto this date are the most popular in wedding ceremonies.

So what’s your idea of 1950’s?


{Disclaimer: This is a Photography Project that portrays my idea of 1950’s. There’s is no character portrayal or whatsoever copying of a character from a known person or my family members}

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2 thoughts on “Romancing the 50’s”

  1. Rman says:

    Lovely Idea of the soda fountains and jukeboxes…That is another concept I would like to do too 🙂 Thanks for the visit.

  2. carlotta says:

    wow, these are really beautiful shots. you couldn’t have picked a better location than el hogar filipino. it’s a really beautiful building despite its lack of maintenance (i think that’s just putting it mildly) but you certainly captured the 50’s atmosphere there in your photos. that staircase there is so grand. 🙂

    my idea of the 1950’s would be soda fountains, milkshakes, jukeboxes, poodle skirts, even slow dances under the moonlight to the tune of you send me. heheh.

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