My Divine Comedy


December 18, 2009
Papaya Grille, Timog Avenue
Quezon City

This is my first time to write about my team at work. Not because I am out of ideas and photos to share, but I find this event as one of the best team gathering for the last 10 years of my professional career.

Last April 2009, I was given a challenge on how to maintain a team without a record of attrition and uplift their morale in spite of a non-monetary reward. And since I am fond of challenges, I humbly accepted it. Not because I believe in the supremacy of our so called human resources alien expert but I know for a fact that this person’s human intellectual is limited to positively be creative about Filipinos work devotions, and always on the game of index withholding’s, and for the last 5 years seeing this- as per policy, as per best practice, as per industry survey, which becoming like a chant of unbelievable decision-making, which develops into a high supremacy and hierarchal tactics of autocracy. The unprofound substance and disparaging styles. Thus, my Divine Comedy Canto’s begins, and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face shines! How I wish I am Percy Jackson to fire a powerful lightning volt and hit this Dark Hades Head! and have Persephone’s assistance to awaken the Godly thinking. Nonetheless, magical justice never happens only in the movies. I may not achieved the cash benefits, and had suffer some cut backs to support my love ones unto their grave. But there are something which I will carry on and imparted to this team- a common team spirit, not to survive but to lead others, support each other, and discover oneself. I am no perfect, that in spite of the painful mis judgement, I have tried to balance what is right, not for my sake but for the fate of others. Truly, its a momentum to be productive positively and create an aura of goodness, I believe in the great power of One God, it helps me most of the time, it’s my faith and my religion, and the power of “to believe”. It’s a spirit that will keep on burning.

To continue – this photos will always reminds me of how small things and laughters are indeed the best one. It’s not the costly parties and expensive gifts. It’s not even the competition and winning the prize, or even just having fun. It’s all about the happiness and genuine smile, the sense of belongingness and respect to individuality, not to withhold but to share, not to attack but to support. There could be another new series of chants from Hades and hit songs by Lady Gaga, but I strongly believe that the “spirit” code is unbreakable – the power of unforeseen.

“Behold now the high providence divine;
For one and other aspect of the Faith
In equal measure shall this garden fill.

And know that downward from that rank which cleaves
Midway the sequence of the two divisions,
Not by their proper merit are they seated;

But by another’s under fixed conditions;
For these are spirits one and all assoiled
Before they any true election had.

Well canst thou recognise it in their faces,
And also in their voices puerile,
If thou regard them well and hearken to them.

Now doubtest thou, and doubting thou art silent
But I will loosen for thee the strong bond
In which thy subtile fancies hold thee fast.”

(excerpts from Divine Comedy: Paradiso: Canto XXXII)


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2 thoughts on “My Divine Comedy”

  1. Joyce O. says:

    Something drag me here today as I woke up and the happiness I’ve seen not just on the article but on the pictures itself explained pretty well with how fun we had on that night. It brings back all the memories, FUN moments from the preparation, the events, the team and hardwork everyone has exerted for this celebration.

    I’ve been to a different team in my entire working life and I should say this team is simply amazing! Smiles and laughters captured on those pictures explained it well rather than saying it in words on this litte box. I recalled screaming “Ang saya saya sa IS Global”, and Yes, indeed!

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks Joyce for the comment. I totally agree with you 🙂 we all left with a happy heart and never thought that it will be my last celebration with the team. I am proud of what we have achieved for 2009, the activities, the fun, our social responsibility awareness and most all of us in the team being friends in one purpose not forgetting our work professionalism. It may not became transparent to our Sr Leaders on the fulfillment it did brings to each one of us but the most important learning I had is that, we all did it! and will be always proud of a team we called a True Team! a lasting bonding of friendship 🙂 Regards to you and stay safe!

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