Caleruega, Close to nature, Closer to God



December 26, 2009
Caleruega, Bgy. Kaylaway, Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas

My Experience:

This is my first visit to Caleruega, and I never thought that the beauty of nature and serenity of this place is really overwhelming than seeing it in pictures. No wonder why most marrying couples chose it as their top list for their dream wedding location. The place is so wonderful and very relaxing, the field of greens and the wind blows will lift your senses to a stress free surrounding. For a while, I felt the oneness in nature and closeness to a very peaceful heaven.

I also remember friends who tie their knots on this place and a special someone I knew long time ago who made her vows on this beautiful chapel. I wish her luck and best wishes 🙂

I would say, its worth the travel time to experience Caleruega.

Anyway, I summarized all the information you may be needing in this post.

My life best shots,


About Caleruega:

Caleruega is a house of prayer and renewal. It is open to activities like retreats, recollections, prayer, and renewal workshop, study, research, youth camps, marriage and family encounter celebrations, skills training, leadership seminars, art, music, and liturgy workshops, and environment and agriculture-related activities.

The Transfiguration Chapel:

Rising tall and majestic in the highest point of Caleruega is the Transfiguration Chapel. From here one can behold the expanse of Caleruega and witness the glorious opus of radiant nature – a symphony of sky, trees, and the distant hills of Batulao. Like St. Peter during Jesus’ transfiguration, anyone who experiences such splendor of nature’s poetry will declare: Lord, it is good for us to be here… (Mt.17:4).

The chapel itself is replete with symbolism. Its façade is a reproduction of the original chapel in Caleruega, Spain. Its hut-shaped roof is in remembrance of the temporary sheds that the apostles wanted to build for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah during the transfiguration (Mt 17:1-8). The seal of the Dominican Province of the Philippines is depicted in stained glass in the upper portion of the chapel’s façade. The seven grapevines entwined in the steel doors of the chapel not only portray Jesus as the vine and we as branches (John 15:5), but also symbolize the seven sacraments. The main altar is a carved tree trunk representing the “stem of Jesse,” mentioned in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah: then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from his roots will bear fruit (Is 11:1). The tabernacle is a gentle reminder of the burning bush through which God revealed Himself to Moses in Mt. Sinai (Ex 3:2). The birds carved on the communion table are representations of God’s providence in Matthew 6:26: Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap…and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. The stained glass depicts the Transfiguration of Jesus witnessed by Peter, John, and Luke. With Jesus are Moses and Elijah, two significant instruments of God in the Old Testament (Mat 17:3).


VERITAS HALL, A 200 seat capacity conference venue for large gatherings
GAZEKUBO, A 50 seat capacity conference venue for small groups
TRANSFIGURATION CHAPEL, A 150-seat capacity chapel

Use of the Chapel for Wedding:

– While Caleruega can provide a priest to solemnize the marriage, couples are at liberty to invite a priest of their choice. No fixed
amount for priest’s stipend but its on the generosity of the couple.
– Use of the Chapel is exclusive of floral arrangement and choir
– Inclusive of Chapel Sound System, Organ and Sacristan

Schedule of Weddings:

Monday to Saturday : 9 to 11 AM; 3 to 5PM; 6 to 8PM
Sunday: 8 to 10 AM; 3 to 5PM; 6 to 8PM

REFECTORY HALL, A 200-seat dining hall which can serve simultaneous meals at any one time
CATALINA HALL, A 90 bed (double deck) dormitory for women (6 toilets &14 bathrooms )
TOMASINO HALL, An 80 bed (double deck) dormitory for men (with 6-unit common toilet & bathroom)
8 UNITS, Twin occupancy cottages with toilet and bath
16 UNITS, Four in one occupancy cottages (2 regular beds & 2 trundle bed) with toilet and bath
1 UNIT, Family room for 14 persons with 2 toilets & bathrooms
1 UNIT, Family room for 8 persons with 1 toilet & bathroom
PAHINGALAYAN and FRA ANGELICO, Hermitage cottages complete with basic home facilities
KAMPO ARRIBA, a campsite perfect for outdoor activities
TUKTOK, A 30 seat capacity conference venue for small groups
PLAZA DE AZA, A roof deck which can be used as a venue for reception and other big-group gatherings

Reservation Guidelines:

1. A minimum stay of 2 days is required for a group of at least 30 persons.
2. Reservations with less than the minimum requirement are waitlisted.
3. Accepted reservations of less than 30 persons or 2 days will have a P150.00 surcharge per person.
4. Guests are required to pay 25% non-refundable downpayment upon reservation;
5. 50% non-refundable payment one month prior to occupancy and 25% full payment 1 week prior to occupancy. Payments may be done at Caleruega or at any branch of Security Bank.
6. All reservations are considered as direct reservations and cannot be transferred or made in behalf of another group of entity.
7. All reservations are on a first-come-first save basis. Only confirmed reservations are booked in Caleruega’s calendar. Reservations are considered open until confirmed.


1. Reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2. A non-refundable down payment of P5,000.00 is required for the use of the chapel and P10,000.00 for the use of reception areas.
3. Full payment of all wedding dues should be made a month before the wedding date.
4. Only confirmed reservations are booked in Caleruega’s calendar. Reservations are considered open until confirmed.
5. Reception Venue:

Plaza de Aza & Tuktok (Roofdeck) 200 persons/outdoor and can be outfitted with tents – P40,000.00
Veritas Hall, 200 persons – P30,000.00 + use of Aircon P5,000.00
Gazekubo, 60 persons – P25,000.00 + use of Aircon P5,000.00
Use of the Chapel – P15,000.00


– Individual retreats at Pahingalayan and Fra Angelico hermitage houses are also welcome in Caleruega.
– The Kampo Arriba of Calereuga is also open for outdoor activities and exercises for a fee of P250.00 per head.
– Electronic equipment could be rented for a free such as: overhead projector (P200.00/day), TV (P500.00/day), DVD/ VHS (P500.00/day), Computer with LCD (P1,000.00/day).
– Caleruega is also open for one-day seminars or gatherings following the rates below:


Veritas Hall P500.00/hour plus P5,000.00/day for the use of aircon
Gazekubo P500.00/hour plus P5,000.00/day for the use of aircon
Tuktok P500.00/hour


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner-P200.00/person/meal
AM or PM Snacks-P75.00


2-Day Stay (inclusive of 6 meals & 4 snacks)
Dormitory P1,250.00/person
Three in One/Four in One P1,450.00/person
Family Room P1,450.00/person
Two in One P1,650.00/person
Solo P2,150.00/person
Hermitage P2,650.00/person
Plus P500.00/room/day for the use of Aircon

Overnight Stay (inclusive of 3 meals & 2 snacks)
Dormitory P800.00/person
Three in One P900.00/person
Family Room P900.00/person
Two in One P1,000.00/person
Solo P1,250.00/person
Hermitage P1,650.00/person
Plus P500.00/room/day for the use of Aircon

Use of conference venues beyond 10 pm shall have an additional charge of P200.00/hour. Cost of extended use of conference venues beyond the time of departure shall be at P500.00/hour.

Restrictions for Wedding Receptions:

– Reception music must be reasonably modulated
– Fireworks are permitted outside Caleruega premises
– Reception until : 3PM only for – morning weddings, 9PM only for afternoon weddings, and 11PM only for evening weddings.

Rates are subject to change without prior notice; They can also suggest reputable and reasonably-priced caterers, florists and photographers who are in good standing with Caleruega.

Wedding Documents (To be accomplished 3 months before the wedding date)

1. Marriage License, This can be secured from the municipal hall of any of the party

2. New Copy of Baptismal Certificate

3. New Copy of Confirmation Certificate

– Document #2 and #3 can be secured from the parish where the person received the Sacrament of Baptismal and Confirmation

– Both documents mus be inscribed with “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES”

4. Pre Cana Seminar

– This can be taken from any parish. Please secure certificate of attendance

– Caleruega also provide this type of seminar. You may inquire at Calaruega Office.

5. Canonical Interviews*

6. Marriage Banns*

7. Name/License No. of Officiating Priest*

8. Name of Sponsors*

9. Certificate of Freedom to Marry* (This is a requirement for those who stayed abroad for more than 6 months)

10. Wallet Size Picture*

* This requirements will be provided by St. Francis Xavier Parish as the canonical requirements. They will be the parish responsible in processing and keeping the said pertinent documents. There is a service fee of P5,000.00 being facilitated by Calaruega for St. Francis Xavier Parish

St Francis Xavier Parish

J.P. Laurel St. Nasugbu, Batangas

Contact Person: Sally Dastas (043-9315186/09209382083)


For more details about Calaruega:

Look for Cristalle, Jackie & Melda

Mobile Phone Contact Nos: 09212709890, 09218304226
Telephone: (043) 706-0348
Office Hours: 8am to 5pm daily

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