In Remembrance of our Dear Mother


Location: Elysium Gardens, E. Rodriquez Ave. Quezon City, Philippines


A wonderful mother, woman and aid; one who was better, God never made; a wonderful worker, so loyal and true, one in a million – that was you. Your judgment was always right, honest and liberal, ever upright; loved by everyone, you knew. A wonderful mother – that was you.

My Mother, who gave me the best of her life, who cherished my secrets, my sorrows, my strife, who taught me to love, who taught me to pray, my Mother in Heaven, God bless her today.

We miss that light, and always will. Her vacant place there’s none to fill. Here we mourn, but not in vain, for up in heaven we’ll meet again.

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2 thoughts on “In Remembrance of our Dear Mother”

  1. My condolences for your loss…
    Those are wonderful, touching pictures.

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