Cecilia Padilla, Chromatic Brown Wholesome Christmas

The 12 Women of Christmas 2009 Series 5

November 29, 2009
Location: Canyon Woods, Tagaytay City
Model/Stylist: Cecilia Padilla
MUA: Ms. Anna Latina Simbol
Creative Director/Photographer: Rman Nepomuceno
Production Assistants: Raymond Nepomuceno, Alyssa and Paul Mikhail Lorenzo
Special Thanks to : Glitz & Glams Accessories
Giselle Dela Merced, Owner/Designer 09239561082/09275383715

About Cecilia:

Occupation: Implementation Manager

Christmas 2009 Message:

People always seem to be nicer and happier during the Christmas season. I wish that everyone can feel the same even after the bells have rang, the gifts exchanged and the parties long over.

Cecilia’s Personal Style Guide for Christmas:

I prefer clean classic lines all year round, and Christmas dressed up with metallics — gold, bronze, silver – and splashes of holiday colors red and green


Color Definition: Chromatic Brown

The Color Brown Meaning: Reliability, elegance, security, healing, animals, home, grounding, foundations, earthly, stability, grounding, sophisticated, considerate, conventional, orderly.

Other Meanings: A solid wholesome feeling, To blend with the background, A connection with natural earth and the stability that brings orderliness and convention.

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