Pepeng’s Aftermath, The UERM Medical Mission


October 18, 2009
Location: La Paz and Ramos, Tarlac


It has been a decade since I joined a medical mission and I am very Thankful to Kaloi for his invite to join this UERM medical mission. This has been a long waited opportunity and very timely to extend a helping hand to the recent Pepeng typhoon victims in Tarlac. The team composes of teachers, practicing doctors, nurses, medical students and us- Paul, Kaloi and myself from Sykes with my niece Alyssa and Raymond-my brother, plus Rox 🙂

Five cars altogether drove to Tarlac, skipping lunch, setting up tables, packing relief goods and organizing the flow of people that needs help. It felt really really good to be there for the people that needs you during their difficult times. Great Work Team! See you on the next mission.

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2 thoughts on “Pepeng’s Aftermath, The UERM Medical Mission”

  1. RicsteR says:

    Amazing shots Rman! You are moving towards a professional photographer status already. Keep it up and we look forward to more of your life’s best shots!

    1. Rman says:

      Thanks Ric 🙂 i need more gears for that status!

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