Joyce O at El Paso Farmtown


Date: August 21, 2009
Model: Ms Joyce O
MUA: Ms Anna Simbol, Reflector Guy: Paul Mikhail Lorenzo

Location Shoot: El Paso, Sto Tomas Batangas coutesy of Mr Butch Samonte and Ms Cynthia Salazar, Thanks so much!


Participants: Mon Go, Zaldy Calimoso, Migs Dolomondin, and Ric Simbol

Farmtown Bride Concept

Credits to Ms Jenny Ecleo for the Veils..Thanks so much! we are immortalizing your dress 🙂

Farmtown, Farmville or Barnyard! The most common virtual game in Facebook, however I’m using Farmtown and levelling up (yippe!)  For this shoot, we had it at El Paso- a real Farmtown! with Carabao, Goats and Chickens roaming around. I chose the harvested corn area (unplowed) as our bride background and every shutter clicks is truly exciting, there’s a blood rush in every moves of Ms Joyce O!, well done, bravo! The result was really awesome! from the Corn yard to the Carabao Cart, to the Bamboo Gates…just perfect!

The Farm Town Duchess:

Credits to Fashion Stylist : Jojo Caballero, every beads truly adds to the image story.

Our settings- stairs, sunken ground with natural grass and ferns.

This is my first photo shoot from the workshops I have attended, out of the magic hands of the master himself.. Manny Librodo Jr.! Thanks Manny for sharing your talents to us, your shots are all truly inspiring!

Enjoy viewing! @ My Life Best Shots!


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2 thoughts on “Joyce O at El Paso Farmtown”

  1. Joyce O. says:

    I’m always a fan of supermodels on magazines and billboards, so when Rman asked me his question – What is your dream shot? this is it, my fantasy rises with excitement… thoughts, interests and ideas are laid and so as the date, venue, and accessories were all set, I just let him do it his way. The outcome? I came up with my first ever Glamorous Model-like shot! =D

    I’ve known Rman as my friend’s manager, but came up with conclusion that Rman = creative with broad imagination, dedicated, focused, serious, goal oriented and well rounded person… and Fun.
    Kudos to you and to your future projects.

    1. Rman says:

      It will always be a great opportunity and privilege to shoot a beauty in you Mademoiselle Joyce 🙂

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