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This is an opportunity shoot with Ms. Jenny Ebido and I’d been bugging her for almost a year to have this photo shoot project with me. And finally, Jenny Reveals!

Location shoot: Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
MUA: Ms. Anna Simbol
Stylist/Creative Design Assistants: Jojo Caballero and Alyssa Lorenzo
Ligthing Asst: Paul Mikhaill Lorenzo
Participants: Miguel Dolomondin, Rizaldy Calimoso and Kaloi Yap
Creative Director: Rman Lorenzo

“Bride in the City”

Not your typical garden, and a nature scene. This is your concrete jungle of the Prime Financial District of Makati City. Our bride, a highly urbanized lady suggests to have this concept and presto! it is indeed extra-ordinary.

“Gypsy Glam Rocks”

Jenny and I had a lot of exchanges of ideas on the Gypsy look, and how it will fit best on her. Together with my Design Assitants, we battle the crowd of Divisoria Market to check on the look that i have in mind. And never did I go wrong to go to the right place for good finds, at the right price.

As we experiment the Gypsy look during the shoot, each veils and scarfs works best to change her looks and style. This showcase the versatility of styles as we stick with the golden rule of combined elegance and glam look. My photo outputs ends up like a shot for a famous pop superstar, a beauty pageant title holder, a Persian Princess,  and a Roofdeck PoolSiren!

Over-all, it was a success! Thanks to Jenny for trusting our shutter clicks! Looking forward for more creative portraiture photography projects with you.

And to my colleagues, thanks much for the inspiring feedback and tips!

Until my lens meets you @ My Life Best Shots,


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2 thoughts on “Jenny Reveals…”

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks Rman for all these great shots. I had a wonderful time during the shoot and it was fun looking at the end result. It was worth all the starvation, perspiration and exhaustion haha! And all the facebook comments made me feel fabulous! Im hoping to work with you again in the future. Kudos to the MUA and stylist as well. Great team!


  2. rowena bombita says:

    absolutely gorgeous!!

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