Scenic Pundaquit

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Location: San Antonio, Zambales
Country: Philippines
Date Taken: June 6/7 2009

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It was a rainy journey at Pundaquit, Zambales. I was amazed at the scenic beauty of this place, it reminds me of the Pacific Coast of San Francisco. The Pundaquit Falls is naturally beautiful. The locals probably need to provide warning notices to travellers climbing the falls. It was my first time to climb up on a wet rocks without any safety gadget but with a very good guide of ours- Kaloi. It was tough! one slip then goodbye world!. I survived though 🙂 and my camera too whos swinging on the rocks survived the bumps, thanks to its armor protector.

Travel Time: approximately 3 hours from Manila via NLEX and SCTEX

Accommodations:  Fair @  Sir William

People: Excellent! I dropped my Iphone on the floor (am buzzed) but they returned it the next morning. The kids like to be photographed and keep on calling me– Kuya Kuya picture picture!

Cleanliness: Fair. The locals should put some trash cans and promote waste management advisories to the tourists

Foods: We cooked on our own but there’s a plenty of mini store in the area that sells beer 🙂 so am okay

This is the nearest entry to Anawangin Cove, Capones Island and Camara Island but since its rainy, we were not able to cross to those islands due to strong waves. This means I need to go back there to take my shots very soon. Wanna join me?

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