Boracay Island

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Boracay! A top most summer beach destination in the Philippines.  It is best known for it’s powder like sand and the long vibrant white beach and top rated hotels just a long the shoreline.

Date taken: August 7 to 10, 2008

Location: 300kms South of Manila, short distance off the Northwestern tip of Panay Island, in western Visayas. Can be reached by land, air or sea from various points of Philippine archipelago


November to February (Amihan)  25 to 32 degree Celsius

March to June (Summer)  28 to 38 degree Celsius

July to October is the Habagat season (wettest season)


The name Boracay was derived from the old local word borac, meaning cotton, in reference to the white, cotton-like color and texture of Boracay’s sand. The other version says that the name came from the local word bora (bubbles) and bocay (white), because Ati elders were amazed on the resemblance of  white sand to water bubbles.

And it was in the year 1978 when a German writer published a book about the Philippines with good highlights of the Island of Boracay. This became a great opportunity to be known worldwide and line up its beauty amongst the  best beach destination of the world.

Travel Tips: Air Transports- Cebu Pacific offers great value. Just ensure to book a month or two to avail the zero fare or One Peso fare.


Accommodations: Here are the list of hotel’s I was able to stay with during the years.  Red Coconut, Peninsula Court, Boracay Regency, La Carmela de Boracay, Gold Crowne, Pearl of the Pacific and just last year, Waling Waling. I would vote for Waling Waling being its the most strategic location just almost fronting the Boracay Grotto and their cabanas is really relaxing ang gorgeous. I was able to have a good deal with Waling Waling last year for only 19K for 5 days and 4 nights. It’s a low season of the year (August) but the best time to take these photos. The Waling Waling package includes Free buffet breakfast, Room is good for 4 pax, land and sea tranfers via their private vans and boat. It’s totally a VIP treatment. And their cabanas, so extremely gorgeous and relaxing.

What to Do : There’s so many activities to experience in the island. Here are the list I have experienced so far. Island Hopping and Caving, This is a must to do for the first timer, that will include snorkeling and try to find Nemo and be careful with Sea Urchins. Fishing, I had this just last year and I find it boring waiting for almost 2 hours just to catch a fish. And this is a no pole type of fishing but use your bare hand with a manual cord roller and a hook. The trick is you have to be extra sensitive to know if you have a catch if the cord is somewhat being pulled by a fish and you need to immediately hooked it. Good thing, I had a catch after an hour. My first ever fish catch, and we had it for lunch.  Yum!I also tried, Beach Volleyball, ATV Ride, Mountain Trekking, Massage as usual, and Booze!

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