PopTalk GMA News TV features EarthOrigins Marketplace + Cafe

PopTalk Review for the Best Restaurant in Westgate Filinvest City, Alabang!


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Okada Manila Experience

Our family experience at Okada Manila Resort. Life is Beautiful!


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Our Fairy Princess 5th Birthday Party

This is our daughter’s fifth birthday party celebration, and we are celebrating it by remodeling our whole house, visit this page to check the contractors we contacted, they are the best! We intend to give her this party for so many reasons- like a family reunion in San Ildefonso Bulacan, being thankful for her five […]


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You are Magnifico!

Four years ago, I wrote a letter to myself. We had an activity from our Starshooter class ’83 last 2012 where we are required to write a letter for ourselves, and they mailed it to us after a month. Today, upon cleaning my documents due to a house termite, the letter surfaced to remind me […]


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The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Spain

It’s classic pyro display with huge blast and monotonous colors. The sun colors of being gold and yellow is very prominent for Spain. I admire the wide blasts and the flowing glitters like stars, its a fantasy display and enchanting for the viewers. Its a classic royal kingdom fireworks display, multiple colors is minimally layered but its wide length and heights was amazingly beautifully synchronized. For a show of being enchanted by huge wide display, Spain will be a tough contender!


Festivals Fireworks Display

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Taiwan

My Review:

From afar, the fireworks show is minimal and slow, it synchronize the flow of heights and the multiple blast of colors is spectacular. The display type is stylish yet not overlapping. I admire the multiple colors layering and the slow continuous flow. As my first view of this year pyro-olympics. Taiwan display is photogenic and my favorite so far in terms of how I capture its spectacular multi layered colors.

Take a look of how I capture this entry from Taiwan! Enjoy the view!


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Aussie First Adventure..The Queensland 2013 Storm & The Aftermath

January 31, 2013 Hey Mate! Cheers Mate! A new adventure for 2013! But wait? the weather seems not cooperating in Queensland AU..Welcome to Australia! First stop Sydney…raining… stop Brisbane…wind and rain! People rushing on the terminal barefoot? Hmm they came from the beach? Ahh this is a Surfing Capital so no need to wear shoes? […]


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The 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013

The 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2013 will be at the SM Mall of Asia starting February 16. Watch as eleven (11) countries as they showcase their never-before-seen pyrotechnics extravaganzas. Aside from the international fireworks experts, you will get to see how our own country continues to improve the technology of pyrotechnics through the years.


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2012 Holiday Bazaar Schedule in the Metro

Dear Bargain Hunters!

Check out the Bazaar schedule in the Metropolis for your Holiday Shopping!

Please make a comment for other bazaar schedule you know so we can add it to our listings. Bazaar Name, Schedule, Venue/Address, Time, Organizer Name, and Contact Information (Telephone, Mobile, Email Address, WebSite, Fax, FB Page, Twitter)

Happy Holidays Everyone!