Okada Manila Experience

Okada Manila Experience
Life is Beautiful!
Family is Love.
Celebrate Life.
Hope to be back soon at Okada Manila once its amenities is fully complete!
Until our next adventure.

The Fountain, Okada Manila

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Okada Manila is a casino resort and hotel complex located on the Entertainment City gaming strip in Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Address: New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila

Our Fairy Princess 5th Birthday Party

Our Fairy Princess 5th Birthday Party

This is our daughter’s fifth birthday party celebration. We intend to give her this party for so many reasons- like a family reunion in San Ildefonso Bulacan, being thankful for her five years without any sickness, and foremost celebrate God’s blessings.

With a very tight budget to celebrate it with almost 200+ guest list. I decided to do it DIY (Do It Yourself).

Our theme is Fairy Princess, so it is best to have it set up in a garden with lots of trees. Our chosen location was Paul Cruz Garden Resort; it is ideal for most of our guest list coming from the same town, it fit best for my creative design layout for the huge trees,  its falling vines, and the lawn greens. Everything is perfect for this venue!


Upon seeing this, we immediately booked the place! It’s perfect, and we want this trees to be our stage focal point.

paul cruz garden resort

Paul Cruz Garden Resort is located at Sapang Putol, Bgy Pinaod, San Ildefonso Bulacan; they have a swimming pool, guest room for overnight, and ample parking space. It is just a few minutes from the main National Road and a block away from our chosen catering service.

Our catering service was Varilla Catering, which is also located in Pinaod, San Ildefonso Bulacan. The package includes foods and drinks for 150++ pax, tables and chairs set-up, bubble machine, photo booth, magician and clown, lights and sounds, booths for popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy, and hot-dog. And we sourced out from multiple suppliers, our birthday cake, cupcakes, balloon arc, flowers, face paint booth, and all other related to its design and concept.


The card invitation is a DIY. I just bought laser paper cut envelopes and did a layout design for her invitation and print it on a photo paper. We thought of having our daughter involved in the preparation so I bought her a gem sticker pads which we can use to design her invitation cards.

birthday card invitation fairy princess _DSC5194 _DSC5195 _DSC5196

The invitation card cost was at P40/pc. Excluding labor and layout design.


For her gown, we thought of a white princess gown. It’s like a ball gown with beaded lace that can match her custom made white fairy wings. I have asked my Tita Cynthia to make her the gown, while I was the one who chose the fabrics and overall material. Really! I was very hands on up to the design and details. It was all worth it anyway, we love the outcome.

_DSC5251-Edit _DSC5250-Edit-Edit

Zcy’s white princess fairy gown with wings.

_DSC5535-Edit _DSC5532-Edit

The lace was beaded with Pearls and Swarovski’s crystals. The neck and sleeve line was a mixed of crystals and pearls.

_DSC5534-EditFairy Princess White Gown

The flower-inspired lace with pearl beads and Swarovski crystals.


Flower beaded laces is the highlight of the gown top.

_DSC5536 _DSC5537-Edit    _DSC5540

The gown cost was around P5000 including labor and materials. What makes it expensive was the Swarovski crystal beads actually, we were able to use around 1000 pieces of it. Also, I came to realize that the design for kids matters when it should highlight most of her childhood self, It should not be so formal since it’s a fairy themed but instead give an impression of its simplicity with a very detailed design. The compliment should be on how the child will carry the gown, and not how the gown will carry the child.


The overall party layout and stage design goals were to come up with a fairies playground. I spent a few thousand pesos for the hanging lights to make it festive at night. Add on were dozens of butterflies in different sizes and colors to fill in the mid-gap area from the trees and stage. From the masterplan layout below we revised it to conform to the actual sizes of stage platforms and tables.

layout design plan for garden birthday event


We use a stage platform to highlight the three fairy canopies where the kids can sit and play. The middle white canopy is for the birthday celebrant and the other two green on the sides is for party activities like story-telling, crafts making, or a fairy salon.

From the entrance, we set-up the registration area on the right side under a tree with hanging tutus and wings, this will also be our giveaways for the kids. The middle ground will be the kids tables and chairs area.

_DSC5272 _DSC5271

The chairs and tables cloth covers are white with colored ribbon accents same as the tutu colors.


The letter name stands white with glitters. Unfortunately, since its white it became unnoticed.

fairy princess party

We placed a green grass wall for a few picture frames and decors. At first, we intend to put the cake table on the stage, but it will become crowded, and we will not have any space for the group picture taking.


These are all customized designs. The usual tutu and wing pair will cost you around P400 to P600, but we instead bought the materials for the tutus and contracted it to a dressmaker. It’s a one size tutu where the girls can just wrap it around their waist, or the small ones can use it as their full dress too! The wings were also contracted to a wholesale supplier in Divisoria; it cost only P80 per colored wings. This is usually priced from P150 to P200 per piece. We allocated 50 pairs for giveaways for the girls. There is also a flower garland for the head for the girls and adults too!

_DSC5257 _DSC5256

Our chosen colors were yellow, fuschia pink, sky blue, baby pink, and apple green.


Looking at these hanging under the tree will surely excite our little girls joining the party


We come up with DIY clothesline to hang the tutus. Very colorful indeed! It also became a functional design for the event.


Our Peter Pan top shirts for the boys. It’s also one size that can fit up to 10yo. There is a cord on the middle waist to serve as a belt.



Make it very simple and limit it to a few frame. I intend to personalize the stage with her memory lane photographs since she was one up to four years old. Have a two small frame as an add-on and a number FIVE to highlight her Fifth birthday. The two chalkboards are for the registration area and will serve as a welcome note for the guests.


The green fairy canopy highlight was a wreath of flowers (artificial and fresh flowers). I decided to use the colored artificial flowers as an accent since the fresh one needs water hydration so often. Also, it might not last that long given the sun and heat on our event’s place. We mixed it up with baby’s breath and rosal leaves to add a floral scent in the canopy area. I have thought of filling it with more flowers and leaves, but it’s getting heavier and might fall during the event.


Below is a better shot of the flower wreath arrangement for our canopy. Our canopy is also custom made since I want it taller and wider.


Why the need for the photos? While I was browsing for the good shot, it did brought me back to a memory lane. It is not for the guest to look at and say it’s cute! But for us parents to validate our accomplishments, our hardships, and commitments for our kids. It is not intended to be a wall gallery of her growing up years, but it is for us parents to celebrate God’s blessings.


Our main focal point is the white canopy. We placed a different kind of wreath flowers to contrast our white cloth. From the master plan, we changed the location of the cake table to have more space on the stage and just fill it up with balloons and flowers. Our celebrant seat was a covered stool chair with bed comforter, with different sizes of throw pillows. The overall cost for this is at P3600 (soft white tool – P1000, top flower wreath plus crystal like Garland drops- P800, labor cost-P500, comforter P500, throw pillows -P800). I plan to reuse this at her room after the event, so our plan is extended in decorating her room to save on cost.

_DSC5270 _DSC5269


A three size variant of balloons in three different colors. We add fresh flowers and leaves to conform it to our theme.


It came out beautiful in spite of the rush work after the rain. As you can see the guest starts to gather already so, we don’t have time to do the finishing touches.



Our cake is a two layer chocolate buttercream frost with lots of floral designs from top to bottom. I chose this to have a “raw” elegant look than a cartoon like Fondant. I believe the cake should blend well with the theme itself, and we should base the cake materials to adapt to the overall concept and not to have its identity on the table.

cakes and cupcakes

The floral cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. It was a variety of designs, and we scattered it together with the candies. We used crystal bowls and wide mouth glass vase to add raw elegance.


The two layer cake cost P3000, one hundred cupcakes P35/each = P3500; assorted candies is at P1500; The cupcake tower is at P750; Overall cost is P8750.


This is an easy one for us. No complaints at all. She loves facing the mirror and having her make up on- a lady to be!


Our makeup artist focuses more on her eyes and hair. No face alterations at all! just simple makeup enhancement. Professional fee for MUA is P1100 (for 2pax, including wifey)

_DSC5279  _DSC5278

Our Princess! Ready for her birthday event. The shoes are from Suki, and the crown is from Carolinas.

_DSC5285-Edit _DSC5283-Edit


Our stage with the birthday celebrant. No grand entrance walk needed for her since we are in a rush after a brief rain shower. We started the event with a prayer and kicked it off immediately with the activities lined up for the kids.



Our Fairy Princess! I love the light effects behind her.


That gorgeous smile! A beauty queen to be.


_DSC5326-Edit _DSC5308-Edit


_DSC5471-Edit _DSC5495-Edit

Estimated guest is around 200++


The kids enjoying the activity game- bring me.

_DSC5383-Edit-Edit _DSC5382-Edit

She was holding an electric fan. That gift is a saver! Since its becoming too warm in the stage.


That tree is really enchanting.


It was a full house!


The kids in their fairy dress with face paints.


Beautiful wings indeed. It’s all worth it.

_DSC5498 _DSC5407 _DSC5357-Edit _DSC5349-Edit _DSC5348-Edit-Edit _DSC5345-Edit _DSC5341-Edit _DSC5339-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit _DSC5321-Edit

The light effects at night.

_DSC5504 _DSC5502

Candle blow. Happy Birthday Princess Zcy!


Peter Pan Spider-Man.


_DSC5473 _DSC5373

Our Fairies


_DSC5336-Edit _DSC5337

Our family photos

My royalties.

_DSC5346-Edit _DSC5404-Edit-2 _DSC5320-Edit

I need to shift roles during the event and as a photographer. I wasn’t able to capture the foods and the booth since I have to attend to our guests too.

I decided to post this online to help other parents in case they are looking for a birthday party theme. I had a hard time looking for samples and pictures to guide me in making this concept. May this be your guide in case you found it interesting for your next birthday event.

So what do you think of our party?

God Bless everyone!

Daddy Rman












You are Magnifico!

You are Magnifico!

Four years ago, I wrote a letter to myself. We had an activity from our Starshooter class ’83 last 2012 where we are required to write a letter for ourselves, and they mailed it to us after a month. Today, upon cleaning my documents due to a house termite, the letter surfaced to remind me of how to face my life challenges. Here it is.

January 18, 2012

Hi there “The Magnifico”,

You have a powerful guiding light for this New Year after last year’s obstacles and burden. With that, I’d like to congratulate you for overcoming almost everything and not letting yourself to drown and stagnant for the “past” you. Your magnificent ways of achieving your goals are truly amazing and inspirational. Be reminded as always, of your good values and truest essence of being a good man, friend, brother, husband and father.

Today, I would like you to recall the wonderful experiences and loving support of your Starshooter 83. Get in touch with them and greet them. Show the love and importance of their beingness. Be a communicator of peace, bridge love, show how much care and openness you have in your heart. Always remember to share and praise others. Remember that, it is in giving that you will harvest your success, Stay happy! Look good and be an excellent person to others, and mostly to your family!

Feel the love!
The Magnifico

Starshooter Epic Batch 83

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Spain

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Spain



February 24, 2013

And Now….the moment of Spain! by Brunchu Pyro Experience of Spain.

About Brunchu’s Pyro Family:

Godella, in the province of Valencia, back in 1889, emerged in the city called the “cradle of artists”, one of the most prestigious and well-known in the pyrotechnics families: the BRUNCHÚ’s.

Founded by Dn Luis Brunchú Sancho and his wife, Mrs. Eleonore Caballer Llorens, settle in the area of Valencian orchard, where begin to manufacture artifice, between their orange blossom fragrancy.

Soon, his son Dn Luis Brunchú Caballer, takes the reins of the business, and begins to manufacture new products, already not only to the sale to the retail, but the realization of firework. This gives you an estimable growth, obliging their children, Dn. Luis Brunchú Alonso and Dn. Juan José Brunchú Alonso, to learn the craft and to participate actively, each from his plot, the family business.

With commendable, long-suffering and tireless work of both, they manage to reach the first important goals at national and international levels, in the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, obtaining awards in such major cities as Knokke (Belgium), London, San Sebastián, Monaco and Cannes.

This helps them to enter the international market, and they get their first contracts to export to other pyrotechnics from around the world, such as France, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Thus, old facilities in Godella, founded in the 19th century, begin to stay small, so the installation of a large plant, more than 400.00 is projected square meters, in Castellon town of Soneja.

It is perhaps the golden decade of the family Brunchú, since, in addition to the substantial increase in sales both domestically and internationally, due to the quality and safety of its products, joins obtaining awards in cities such as Alicante, Vigo, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brisbane (AUSTRALIA), Florence, etc., and the celebrations at the close of the EXPO-88 in Australia and the bicentennial of the French Revolution, in the city of Paris. It also participates in the tours of Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, within Spanish territory, for several years.

The BRUNCHU fireworks are already world renowned by its colour, quality, safety and variety.

Already installed in the new manufacturing plant, equipped with latest generation and machinery with the necessary security measures by the volume of purchased work, they join learning and be able to happen both, four sons (two of each), among them LUIS BRUNCHU MARTI.

With the new additions occur hits for the company in such important competitions such as Bilbao, L’Havre (France), Alicante, San Sebastián, Montreal, Hamburg, Pamplona, Stockholm, Macau, Blanes, Sakura (Japan), San Remo, Valladolid, Hanover, etc. In addition to these significant achievements, carried out large-scale shows in cities such as the delivery of the Nobel prizes in Stockholm, the inauguration of the Eurotunnel in Calais, the inauguration of the Arch of la Defense in Paris, the centenary of the University of Coimbra, the opening of the festivities of Lisbon, etc.

Already in the 21st century, in addition to great performances, especially in Brazil, the company is available to cease its activity, but not before leaving a legacy of experience and ability to later generations, until today, still latent in the art of pyrotechnics


My Review:

It’s classic pyro display with huge blast and monotonous colors. The sun colors of being gold and yellow is very prominent for Spain. I admire the wide blasts and the flowing glitters like stars, its a fantasy display and enchanting for the viewers. Its a classic royal kingdom fireworks display, multiple colors is minimally layered but its wide length and heights was amazingly beautifully synchronized. For a show of being enchanted by huge wide display, Spain will be a tough contender!

Check it out!


Pyromusical 2013 Spain


The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Taiwan

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition - Taiwan


February 23, 2013

Presenting..Yung Feng Fireworks of Taiwan!

About Yung Feng Fireworks:

Yung-Feng company was established in 1969 in Taiwan. The company has a factory setted up in 2003 in Qinzhou, Guangxi, and a marketing department locating in Xiamen, Fujian.

Mr.Chen Zhisheng is the general manager of the Guangxi factory and he is very talented in design and develop special display shells. This factory introduced Japanese technology to produce shells, and insist to use the highest quality materials we could get to control the quality. All shells made in this factory are exported abroad, eg: USA, Italy, UK, Sweden, Russia, etc. Specializing in research, development and sales for more than 30 years, Yung-Feng is proud of its high reputation from customers for its excellent products and ability of innovation. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit the factory.

Yung-Feng Marketing department is responsible for the promotion of display shells producted in Yung-Feng Guangxi factory. The department also service customers to purchase other kinds of fireworks, accessories and materials in China, to arrange the shipment or consolidation according to customers‘ instruction. The department aims to satisfy customers 100%.

Their slogan is “Perfect products, close services, limitless innovation”!

My Review:

From afar, the fireworks show is minimal and slow, it synchronize the flow of heights and the multiple blast of colors is spectacular. The display type is stylish yet not overlapping. I admire the multiple colors layering and the slow continuous flow. As my first view of this year pyro-olympics. Taiwan display is photogenic and my favorite so far in terms of how I capture its spectacular multi layered colors.

Take a look of how I capture this entry from Taiwan! Enjoy the view!


Pyromusical 2013 Taiwan


Aussie First Adventure..The Queensland 2013 Storm & The Aftermath

Aussie First Adventure..The Queensland 2013 Storm & The Aftermath



January 31, 2013


Hey Mate! Cheers Mate! A new adventure for 2013! But wait? the weather seems not cooperating in Queensland AU..Welcome to Australia! First stop Sydney…raining…..next stop Brisbane…wind and rain! People rushing on the terminal barefoot? Hmm they came from the beach? Ahh this is a Surfing Capital so no need to wear shoes? Its a summer trend? Go barefoot? Cant comprehend with a stormy weather!

Mate! theres a storm and flood alert in the City!  Welcome to Australia!

It was a good flight though..Thanks to the kindness of my bosses to pick me up on the airport…and providing a service car to me! Hey its a Right Hand drive! Geesh…

So what else? I need to work!….Bang!..No internet…its down due to flooding and typhoon…

Where am I? At the Bay area fronting the Ocean! Yay! Waves coming over the breakwater and smashing the trees and the roads. Im safe…have to be safe. Check the area, spoke to my landlady and have to ensure that no tsunami or whatsoever warning or a record of the city from great flooding. Check! Clear! Time to go out and experience the Wonder of Storms!

See my photos during the storm and the aftermath.. A great place to visit for relaxing, strolling, a place to live – laid back style 🙂 Oh yeah lots of crabs around too! hope to try some soon!

Wynnum Brisbane




The 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013

The 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013


The most awaited light show in the sky in the Metropolis will be seen from February 9 to March 16, 2013 at SM MOA!

Be ready on your camera gear and gadgets in capturing this great show in the Sky on 2013!

The 4th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2013 will be at the SM Mall of Asia starting February 16. Watch as eleven (11) countries as they showcase their never-before-seen pyrotechnics extravaganzas. Aside from the international fireworks experts, you will get to see how our own country continues to improve the technology of pyrotechnics through the years.
Ticket Prices for the PyroMusical Competition 2013 would be P1,500/ P500/ P300/ P100. For ticket reservations, call TicketWorld at 02-891-9999, TicketNet 02-911-5555 or SM Tickets at 02-470-2222

The PyroMusical Competition 2013 schedule:

February 16:
Japan – Tamaya Kitahara
Finland – Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.

February 23
Taiwan – Yung Feng Fireworkds
Spain – Brunchu Pyro Experience

March 2
United Kingdom – Jubilee Fireworks Ltd.
South Korea – Hwarang Fireworks Inc.

March 9
Italy – Ipon Fireworks S.R.L
The Netherlands – Royal Fireworks

March 16
China – Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Australia – Fireworkx Inc.

March 23
Canada – Fireworks Spectacular
Philippines – Platinum Fireworks Inc. (Closing Exhibition)

2012 Holiday Bazaar Schedule in the Metro


Dear Bargain Hunters!

Check out the Bazaar schedule in the Metropolis for your Holiday Shopping!

Please make a comment for other bazaar schedule you know so we can add it to our listings. Bazaar Name, Schedule, Venue/Address, Time, Organizer Name, and Contact Information (Telephone, Mobile, Email Address, WebSite, Fax, FB Page, Twitter)

Happy Holidays Everyone!


CHRISTMAS BAZAARS 2012 LISTING (alphabetical order)

A Christmas Festival
The Filinvest Tent, Spectrum Midway, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
December 19-23, 2012
Contact: 9957554 / 9957218 / 4381848 / 9958296

Ayala Alabang Village Association Christmas Bazaar
Cuenca Covered Court, Ayala Alabang Village

December 15-16, 2012
Contact: 8092282 / 8070501 / 09152954399
Blessings – A Christmas Bazaar
The Filinvest Tent, Spectrum Midway, Alabang

December 7-9, 2012
Contact: Community Lynks Events @ 0917-5591333 (Jean)
BSQ Plaza Weekend Bazaar
#552 Baesa Road, BSQ Plaza, Caloocan City

December 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-30
Contact: Mon Paras @ 09228038080 / 3478080
Christmas Bazaar @ Brittany
Brittany, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

December 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-30
Contact: MBCI @ 7103711 / 09175408697 / 09228821075
Christmas Carvaganza
Central Plaza, Market! Market!, Taguig

Dec. 21-23, 2012
Contact: 5533674 / 09155549798 / dreamexhibit@gmail.com
Christmas Santa’s Payday Bazaar
The Enterprise Center Food Court, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

December 12-14, 19-21
Contact: 3431914 / 09228884113
Emporia Christmas Bazaar
Glorietta 3 Park, Makati City

December 8-9, 2012
Contact: Ateneo Management Economics Organization – Daryl Ibasco @ 09178095391
Four Seasons Christmas Bazaar @ The Vue
The Bellevue Manila Hotel, Malacca Lane, Muntinlupa City

December 15-16, 2012
Contact: 09222780146 / 09266320202 / fourseasonsbazaar@yahoo.com
God Will Make a Way Pre-Christmas Bazaar
Adventist University of the Philippines, Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite

December 10-12, 2012
Contact: Rockstarr Events Management (Kel) @ 09268308997 / rockstarr_events@yahoo.com
Grand Bazaar @ the Elements at Centris
Elements, Eton Centris, Edsa corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

December 21-23, 2012
Contact: Lanie / Lea @ 09174404690 / 09157117010 / 3843609
Grand Christmas Night Bazaar
Activity Area, Riverbanks Mall, Marikina

October 13, 2012 – January 16, 2013
Contact: Evento Consumers and Trade Events @ 09284352281 / 09322946583
Grand Holiday Bazaar
BF Homes Clubhouse (covered court), BF Homes Subd. Holy Spirit, Quezon City

December 14-16, 21-23
Contact: Occasions & Events Link Mgt. @ 2083945 / 09228199123/ 09088214495
Great Deals @ Centris
Elements, Eton Centris, Edsa corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

December 21-23, 29-30
Contact: 3743726 / info@karledwardinternational.com
Holiday Bazaar @ Manila Ocean Park
Manila Ocean Park, Back of Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila

October 19, 2012 until January 18, 2013
Contact: 6685061 / 8244644 / arlene@greatlinksevents.com
Holiday Rush Bazaar 4
The Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas, Pasig City (Next to Medical City)

December 14-16, 2012
Contact: CAD Concepts @ 542-1480 / 09228924918 / 09178278928 / 09476288700
Holiday Treats @ South Central Square
South Central Square, Talisay City, Cebu (not in Metro Manila)

November 15 – December 30, 2012
Contact: Espie @ 09222362250 / 09108895754 / 09176248743
Hope for the Holidays – CubaoX Christmas Bazaar
Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo St., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

December 7-8, 14-15, 21-22
Contact: 09175355974
Kiddopreneur Christmas Bazaar
Alphaland, EDSA corner Pasong Tamo, Makati City

December 9, 2012
Contact: 09175800216
Magarbo Bazaar
near Baclaran Church

November 7, 2012 – January 6, 2013
Contact: 3996561 / 09277767388
Nightshift Bazaar @ Northgate
Fastbytes Northgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa

December 11-14, 2012
9:00 pm – 7:00 am
Contact: 5020392
Noel The Discovery Bazaar
PICC Forum Tent:

December 14-23, 2012

Contact: Ellen Vergara @ 09156874493 / 6872955 / ellen.vergara11@gmail.com

Shepherd’s Christmas Bazaar 2012
Mac Mac Trading, Cagayan Valley Road, Banga 1st, Plaridel, Bulacan

December 14-16, 2012
Contact: Shepherds’ Productions and Events Management @ 09228950045 / 09053393195
Shop @ The Fort Bazaar
NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

December 8-9, 15-23, 29-30
Contact: 3743726 / info@karledwardinternational.com
The Shopping District @ Mercato Centrale Bazaar
8th Avenue corner 34th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

December 14-16, 21-23
6:00 pm – 2:00 am (Fri/Sat) : 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Sun)
Contact: Ellen Vergara @ 09156874493 / 6872955 / ellen.vergara11@gmail.com
Solenad Bazaar @ Nuvali
Solenad Parking Lot, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

December 7-9, 25-29
Contact: Steph @ 09228771668 / Ivy @ 09178038426
Tshirt Factory Outlet Bazaar
6th Floor Cityland Herrera Tower, Rufino st corner Valero st., Salcedo Village, Makati City

December 5-7, 12-14
Contact: tshirtfactoryoutlet@yahoo.com.ph / 09226842255 / 09069189191
UPS II Homeowner’s Asso. Christmas Bazaar
Covered Basketball Court, Tindalo St, United Parañaque II Brgy, San Martin de Porres, Parañaque City

December 15-16, 2012 / 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Contact: Joyce Manguerra or Paulo Tubojan @ 09189179434 / 09258232059 / 09177918463
Ventara Retail Therapy
Soderno at Molito Lifestyle Center, Madrigal Ave, Alabang

December 7-9, 14-16, 21-23
Contact: RVJEVENTSPHILIPPINES Co. @ eventsphilippines@yahoo.com / 09998894580 / 09176307150 / 5867411
Vintage Market 2
Green Meadows Subdivision, Quezon City

December 8-9, 2012
Contact: Txyla Puyat @ 09175455105
Woodrose Family Bazaar
Cuenca Community Center, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City

December 8-9, 2012
Contact: Mylene @ 8506380 loc 128 / woodrose.bazaar@gmail.com
12th World Bazaar Festival
World Trade Center

December 7-23, 2012
Contact: Normal Timbol @ 5316350 / 5316374 / info@worldbex.com / info.worldbex@gmail.com

Battle of the Festival Queens

Battle of the Festival Queens


The parade of beauties is always a photographers haven for capturing the beautiful ladies and their stunning gowns and costumes. There are a thousand of beauty pageants worldwide either by local or international event where these all gorgeous woman competes for a “beauty title”. It was known as a battle of beauty, talent, brain and most of all being a stand out extra ordinaire.

But what is the most popular beauty pageant in the world anyway? Is it Miss Universe or Miss World? Probably, it will depends on a global scale of how many participates on these pageant, how long has it been running, and what are their best contribution to their world wide advocacies. What’s the most common judging criteria or scoring to declare a winner?

Here’s some list:

1.  Beauty – The facial beauty of the candidate, regardless if its surgically enhanced or born naturally. The judgement will be based on how this stunning woman will stand out from the other beautiful candidate. This is much challenging to international pageant and the perspective of a judge’s “definition of beauty”. The host country usually bags the semi finals list probably due to the “common” beauty faces and how it affects the judges perspective of beauty and their surroundings. However, this should not be given the most percentage since this is a physical aspect that everyone has their own opinion- by culture, color and spiritual affinity.

2.  Fitness – Being sexy and having all those curves each physique can develop. Their gorgeous waistline and the size of their breast and butts that perfectly matches each curves and overall physique, how they use products from thebustboosters.com/naturaful-full-product-review to help enhance their breast in a natural way. These somehow became an ideal figure each woman has been wanting from the early age of teenagers to woman in their 60’s. But the prime age of attaining the full blown sexy physique of women is ranging from 16years to mid 20’s. So that is why there is a requirement for age and this is one of the criteria that is being given a higher percentage being its all about the “body and the curves” matters in the swimsuit competition.

3.  Talent – This is too diverse to have a huge point as a criteria since this is not a Singing or Dance Competition but an activity to showcase their hidden talent and for the purpose of activity and presentation of their individual competitiveness. Either they hit their high notes or flip like a cheer leader. It’s just an add-on I believe for the purpose of a pageant entertainment activity.

4.  Personality – An interpersonal skill of an individual on how they carry themselves totally. A huge point to someone who has the charm and beauty combined into one. Another major decision point for judges to see how they interact, socialize, and connect with the crowd. I will consider this as a definition of their character and how they exude their innermost beauty among others. A true brand and title carrier should have this criteria very naturally with no extra effort.

5.  Intelligence – As define, it is a capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. The manifestation of a high mental capacity: She writes with intelligence and wit. It is the  the faculty of understanding, knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information. Most importantly, it is the gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information. The Question and Answer (Q&A) portion that usually is the decision point to identify the true winner.

6.  Audience Impact – The majority who physically in the pageant who wants to be entertain and witness the competition. They are the true judges who picks their common winner by clapping and shouting for their own bets. The usual home based supporters to make the judges aware “Hey it is Ours and your here!”

7.  Popularity Vote: Similar to the Audience Impact but this is the business value of local beauty pageant competition where cash and money is involved. The more text or phone votes wins the title, the higher the votes wherein the channels has a voting fee or tickets sold wins. It is a betting game similar to any of your favorite boxing game.

8.  Posture: Imagine how they should walk with elegance, the way they should stand in front of the crowd and combined all their skills, character and individuality. The physical fitness and personality combined factors that should stood up against all other contestants. Some will call this the X factor and the Over-all power of beauty.

Over-all, every candidates is really beautiful considering they represents their localities, country or any affiliations wherein they also underwent a series of criteria and selection process to be the official representative. But what is really the reason behind this competition? Is it really a battle of beauty of a game of chance? Is it a woman dream to be a title holder and be the epitome of their success? Totally, this is about what pleases the eyes and a good feel of attraction and admiration. A very dangerous aspect on how the children should understand the real meaning of a physical beauty is the highest form rather than their values and discipline. In  my personal opinion I would probably bet on online gaming rather than be involved in an entertainment that may cause frustrations if my country bet loses or my personal pick didn’t even rank even paying so much time and money doing on line and text voting.

Festival Queens entertainment of beauty is nice but there are so many political debates behind this pageant. This aspiring title holder is betting their name in this game of chance, I would probably suggest to them to play first online internet game to fully understand that it is a competition of a larger group perspective than their own battle of winning. It should be a showcase of beauty not a competition. Perhaps, it would be much realistic to bet your money on line with higher chance of winning million of dollars and be entertained by playing casino games like black jack and roulette. It is the real fun! and everyone should try and be entertain by playing online casino games like what http://www.partycasino.com offers. It is the Real Game! not ruled by a chance but your own self! As they were saying…Let the world play for REAL!

So A Real Game or the Beauty Pageant Events?

Let us highlights some of the different opinions about the Beauty Pageants from a Famous Human rights movement and organization about women – Object.

What about women’s right to take part in a beauty pageant?

We have nothing against women who choose to take part in beauty pageants. However, we would say that the issue is not as simple as one of individual choice.

The mainstreaming of beauty pageants has an impact on all women. The idea that it is okay to judge women on the basis of their appearance and that there is one objective beauty that women can be measured against, influences the way that all of us feel about ourselves as women and the way that men view and treat women.

Beauty pageants therefore become an issue for all women, not just those involved in the contest

Aren’t beauty pageants empowering?

We live in a society in which as women we are forever being told that being empowered is all about looking good and being attractive to men whether it be through beauty pageants or cosmetic surgery, or a new lipstick or becoming a lap dancer. But is that real empowerment?

When the positions of power in society are vastly dominated by men, does winning a beauty pageant or looking hot really make a difference to the power relations? Rather than being empowering, beauty pageants are in fact disempowering because they deny the full humanity of women and they reinforce the idea that women’s purpose is to look attractive or ‘be hot’.

Aren’t beauty pageants harmless fun?

Beauty pageants treat women as if we were objects that can be compared and judged. This dehumanises women and leads to the idea that it is acceptable to view women as a sum of body parts, not real people.

The first part of any oppression is to dehumanise the group that is oppressed. The more it becomes acceptable to view women as a sum of body parts, the easier it becomes to disrespect, to mistreat and even act out violence towards women as a group.

When we live in a society in which gender inequality is massive and violence against women is endemic, it becomes clear that any practice which promotes the objectification of women inevitably has an impact on the sexist attitudes which underpin mistreatment and that it is therefore clearly not harmless.

Aren’t beauty pageants about celebrating beauty?

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating beauty per se. But when it is always women who are judged on the basis of our appearance, and when the idea of beauty is based on sexist, racist, homophobic and able-bodied notions of what constitutes beauty, which excludes the vast majority of women;and when we are constantly bombarded with images and messages of what we are supposed to look like in order to be accepted as beautiful, which leads to the majority of us feeling terrible about ourselves – a contest is not a celebration of beauty, it is a manifestation of sexism.

To sum up:

The reintroduction of beauty pageants is another example of how sexist practices are becoming seen as a normal and mainstream part of our lives rather than as sexist and outdated.

Beauty pageants reinforce the idea that women are only of value according to their attractiveness and they reduce women to objects to be judged and compared on the basis of our appearance.

This erodes our human rights to be treated as equals and is therefore an issue for all women, not just those involved in the contest.

As women we have fought long and hard for the right to be treated and respected as thinking individuals, not as objects who exist in order to ‘look good’.

We want so much more for all women – object to sexist and outdated beauty contests!


There you go. Let us advocate rather RESPECT to WOMEN 🙂